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What Do Snails Eat?

What do snails eat? Before we ask this question it is worth discussing how they eat. A snail's mouth is located on the lower area of the head, close to the short tentacles. On the inside of the mouth is a special eating tool, called the radula. This is a muscular structure coated by thousands of tiny teeth. Snails eat by pushing the radula against a leaf or other vegetation and rasping it and scraping away particles. You can see this in action if you feed a snail some lettuce or apple.

So, onto the important question! What do snails eat? In their natural habitat, land snails eat mushrooms, fruit, leaves and any other kind of vegetation they can find. Mostly, snails eat living plants, but also eat decaying ones. Other forms of food include plant bark, flowers and algae. In order to get a nutritional supply of calcium for their shells, snail food includes limestone and they also eat chalk from rocks. Snails have even been known to eat damp paper and cardboard!

So, in answer to the question what do snails eat, as we have seen the answer is mushrooms, fruit, leaves, flowers, bark, algae, limestone, chalk, damp paper and cardboard.